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Aug 28, 2014

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Press Releases have become News Releases on the Internet

The Internet has changed the role of the release.  With sites like ThomasNet News as well as others, the press release can now reach customers and prospects directly bypassing the journalists.  The Internet has provided a channel that circumvents the media who were the gatekeepers of the past that determined what constituted the news and what they would publish to their readers. Now your prospects and customers choose what they are interested and what they will read. And you can deliver to them what they want.

News releases are also an important part of your online strategy.  Releases need to be carefully written. They need to be rich with keywords and phrases that are used by your customers and prospects. These keywords and phrases must be highly relevant to the content. Do not add keywords for the sake of having a lot of keywords. You want these releases not only to rank highly in searches on Google, Yahoo or Bing but you also want the release to read well. Remember, the news release represent you and your credibility to your market.  When placed on trusted news sites such as ThomasNet News, these releases can also appear on news portals such as Google News and Yahoo News.  This allows your release to reach prospects wherever they are and however they access news that interests them. Always add a URL back to your site on these releases. Preferably to a page that is directly related to the content of the release. Make it easy on your prospect. Lead them right to the page that provides the information they want.  You can use both your home page as well as a link to the internal page on your site, often called a ‘deep link’.  These links will allow the reader to easily navigate to the pages they want as well as provide you with search engine value.

These news releases should also be posted on your site.  For many companies it is often the only new content that is added from month to month.  These keyword rich documents will help your site be found on search engines.

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    2 Responses to “Press Releases have become News Releases on the Internet”

    • Charlotte Wolter:

      In my opinion, anyone who uses press releases as a news source is a fool. Most press releases are full of exaggerations and half-truths, if not outright lies.
      As a journalist for 20 years, a good part of my job was to dig beneath the claims in press releases to find the reality. It wasn’t easy; sometimes no one returned your call, a sure sign that something in the release was bogus.
      Today, some journalists merely rewrite or just print press releases without ever making a phone call to do basic fact checking, such as, “Did you, indeed, send this release.” And, they never do any analysis because they don’t understand what’s going on. Others, called “aggregators,” simply reprint articles written by someone else. They are beneath comment.
      These publications are useless to you. Try to find the top business publications in your field, the ones that do original articles and don’t reprint press releases. These are the publications that you should read and that should get your ad dollars, to be sure they stay around. Without them, you are lost on a sea of hype without a paddle.
      “News releases”! Rubbish!

    • Charlotte, Spoken like a true journalist. While I feel your pain, people are reading these releases. The writers of these releases are mostly good, honest hard working people who need to inform the marketplace about what is happening with their organizations. As we have learned from the journalism community, not all articles are without inaccuracies, and twisting of a little fact to support an opinion.

      Press releases as an information source have taken on a new life in the age of the Internet.

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